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My name is Lorraine Stevens and I am a member of the Cat Association of Tasmania Inc. (C.A.T.). My Cattery 'Mayatiki Birmans' is accredited by The C.A.T. I have had cat and kitten of the year and most of my exhibits have placed in the top five, over the fifteen years that I have been showing and Breeding Birmans.

Chris and I live in Claremont, Tasmania, Australia on the beautiful Cadbury Estate. I have only a small Cattery as I concentrate on quality rather than quantity. I like to give all my cats individual attention and I have my kitten nursery inside my house.

My love of cats is evident as this is the second time in my life that I have bred cats, I first started breeding the old style Persian Chinchilla and have now moved onto breeding the delightful Birman. Even though I adore the Chinchilla, it was the easy going nature and the lack of a double coat that drew me to the beautiful Birman. Birmans are a semi longhaired breed but as they do not have an undercoat there is not the same amount of grooming that is required for the other long-haired breeds. Birmans are renowned for their piercing blue eyes and white socks known as gloves and gauntlets.

The colours I breed vary from the classic blue and seal points to the lilac and chocolate, however in any colour they are very pretty cats. All 'pet quality' kittens are vet checked, de-sexed, vaccinated, wormed, micro-chipped and litter trained before leaving for their new homes. Breeding/Show quality kittens are sometimes made available to other breeders. Birmans will live happily indoors and are very well socialized.




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